Your browser does not support the iframe tag. Lexic. Us your browser does not support the iframe tag. Definition of atypical 1. Adjective. Not representative of a group, class, or type. "atypical behavior is not the accepted type of response that we expect from children" exact synonyms: untypical attributes: typicality also: uncharacteristic , abnormal , unnatural similar to: unrepresentative derivative terms: atypicality , untypicality antonyms: typical 2. Adjective. Deviating from normal expectations; somewhat odd, strange, or abnormal. buy viagra "highly irregular behavior" exact synonyms: irregular similar to: abnormal , unnatural derivative terms: atypicality , irregularity definition of atypical 1. Adjective. cheap generic viagra no prescription Not conforming to the normal type. ¹ 2. buy generic viagra Adjective. Unusual or irregular. ¹ 3. cheap viagra online canada pharmacy Noun. (pharmacy) an atypical antipsychotic. buy viagra online without prescription ¹ ¹ source: wiktionary. Com definition of atypical 1. Not typical [adj] medical definition of atypical 1. viagra for sale cheap Irregular, not conformable to the type, in microbiology, applied specifically to strains of unusual type. cheap viagra online Origin: gr. Typos = type or model (16 dec 1997) atypical pictures click the following link to bring up a new window with an automated collection of images related to the term: atypical images lexicographical neighbors of atypical atwain atweel atween atwind atwinkle atwirl atwist atwite atwitter atwix atwixt atwo atychiphobia atypia atypic atypical (current term) atypical absence seizure atypical achromatopsia atypical bacterial forms atypical cell atypical facial neuralgia atypical fibroxanthoma atypical gingivitis atypical lipoma atypical measles atypical melanocytic hyperplasia atypical mycobacteria atypical mycobacterial infection atypical nevi atypical pneumonia literary usage of atypical below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature: 1. how to buy viagra uk Surgery, gynecology & obstetrics by the american college of surgeons, franklin h. Martin memorial foundation (1915)"heavy dots indicate changes in cells. do viagra soft tabs work U, type i, atypical changes in villi both near surface... how to buy viagra uk A study of this slide reveals many atypical squamous cells,... " 2. Is viagra cheaper in canada The american journal of the medical sciences by southern society for clinical investigation (u. cheaper viagra alternatives S. ) (1907)"the recent review of an article by van nuys, in the ho. Tton medical and surgical journal, on the presence, of atypical phagocytic cells in the blood,... " 3. Clinical hematology: a practical guide to the examination of the blood with by john c. viagra coupons cvs Dacosta (1901)"atypical erythroblasts. Viagra doesnt work anymore In some of the severer anemias, notably in spleno-medullary leukemia and in pernicious anemia, various atypical erythroblasts are... order viagra cheap " 4. The surgical clinics of north america by stanley p. buy generic viagra L. buy generic viagra Leong (1922)"atypical plastic operations for congenital fissures of the lip and palate the first 2 cases to be... They are described because they are atypical. " 5. Addresses.
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