home find syndromes browse syndromes about us faq contact us disclaimer dept. Of genetics umcg groningen the netherlands facd online syndrome fact sheet last updated: 19 apr 2011 name: noonan syndrome synonym: male turner syndrome, pterygium colli syndrome, incl. viagra sales uk Noonan-like/multiple giant cell lesion syndrome; noonan s. viagra coupon With multiple lentigines/leopard syndrome mode of inheritance: ad omim number: 163950   163955   genes cbl, mapped to 11q23. viagra for sale 3 kras, mapped to 12p12. quality viagra generic online 1 nras, mapped to 1p13. cheapest viagra jelly 2 ptpn11, mapped to 12q24. buy viagra online reviews 1 raf1, mapped to 3p25 sos1, mapped to 2p22-p21 tumor features juvenile myeloid / myelomonocytic leukemia (jmml) leukemia, acute lymphoblastic (all)leukemia, acute myeloid (aml, incl. viagra 10mg side effects Anll)leukemia, chronic lymphocytic (cll)leukemia, chronic myelomonocytic (cmml)myelodysplastic syndrome (mds)neuroblastoma, extra-adrenalrhabdomyosarcoma tumor features (possible) astrocytomabiliary tract cancer (incl. online pharmacy viagra Gallbladder)brain, cavernous hemangiomabreast cancercolorectal cancerganglioneuroma(tosis)granular cell tumor, subcutaneoushepatoblastomahodgkin disease (hodgkin's lymphoma)jaw, giant cell granuloma of thejuvenile papillomatosis of the breastmalignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (= neurofibrosarcoma, malignant schwannoma)non-seminomapheochromocytomaschwannoma (neurilemmoma), peripheral nervescrotum, granular cell tumor of theseminomatesticular sertoli-leydig cell tumorwilms' tumor (nephroblastoma) non-tumor features cafã© au lait spotscubitus valgusdevelopmental delay/mental deficiency/mental retardationears, low-setepicanthal foldsheart, congenital defectkeratoconuslip, full upper-nasal bridge, depressedneck, webbedpalpebral fissures, downward slantingpectus excavatum/carinatumshort statureskeletal anomaliesstrabismus comment characteristic findings in patients with noonan syndrome are the facial anomalies: hypertelorism, down-slanting palpebral fissures, high-arched eyebrows, epicanthal folds, full upper-lip, depressed nasal root with a wide nasal base and low-set ears with thickened helices; webbed neck, the skeletal anomalies with short stature, pectus excavatum and cubitus valgus; congenital heart disease (pulmonary valve stenosis is most common), abnormalities in the lymphatic system (e. G. generic viagra canada Lymphedematous legs and probably also the cause of the neck webbing), and mild mental retardation. viagra 10mg side effects Leopard syndrome is now regarded as being part of noonan syndrome. cost of daily viagra Several malignancies have been reported in this disorder [for a review, see: 30 and 37], most commonly myeloproliferative disorders[1,2,10-16]: mainly chronic myeolomonocytic leukemia / juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (jmml) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. viagra 10mg side effects Jmml in ns carries a relatively benign course. Other tumors reported in noonan syndrome are central giant cell granuloma of the right maxillary sinus[3], cavernous hemangioma of the brain[4], astrocytoma [31,32] rhabdomyosarcoma[17,28,34], malignant schwan.